Latest project, Frosty Horror Film Parody Trailer

Moondays (2023) - A group of lunar colonists participate in a high-tech drug trial that quickly spirals out of control into deadly chaos.
Frosty Official Trailer (2020) -The famed snowman is back for blood in this parody trailer for Frosty reimagined as a modern horror movie.
Exit 66 (2020) - In the dead of night, two travelers are stalked and tormented by the evils lurking on a wooded road.
Troubleshoot (2017) - A seasoned hitman struggles to assemble his sniper rifle while trying to eliminate a target. As he endures a series of escalating mishaps and mistakes, he quickly realizes that his window of opportunity is rapidly closing.
Audition (2016) -  Absurdity intensifies during an actor's audition when the director's methods become increasingly unconventional.
Star Box: Assault (2016) - A battle of intergalactic proportions ensues when two nemeses take to the streets of NYC to face off.
Super Power Poker 2.0 (2015) - A group of friends gather for their routine poker night --- leading to their routine super powered battle.
Christmas High Jinks (2015) - Jack and Travis ambush Mike and Otto on the highway to get the last pair of fuzzy wuzzy slippers in time for Christmas.
iWingman (2014) - A college student designs an app to help him find a girlfriend, only to realize that his AI is just as unqualified as he is.
The Grit Filter (2014) - The gang experiments with a new app that makes real life gritty.
Hand Cannons (2014) - Four friends play capture the flag with their new laser-shooting hand tattoos.
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